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Next-Generation Therapy for Inherited Blindness

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✓ Who We Are

Oak Bay Biosciences is biotechnology company that is committed to finding a therapy solution for Stargardt disease.

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✓ Our Committment

Stargardt disease affects approximately 800,000 individuals worldwide and causes progressive, irreversible blindness – often beginning in childhood. Oak Bay Biosciences is developing a definitive treatment that could prevent blindness for the lifetime of affected patients. After completing critical preclinical studies, Oak Bay Biosciences plans to initiate clinical trials. Successful trials could bring the first solution for Stargardt's disease to market and life changing vision to patients that would have otherwise suffered severe vision loss.

Normal vision vs. Stargardt vision

What We Do

Oak Bay Biosciences is a biotechnology company - with a portfolio of patents, molecules, and preclinical data - with the goal to bring the first therapy for Stargardt disease, inherited blindness, to market.

Currently, there are no available treatments for Stargardt disease. However, several gene therapy and drug therapy trials are taking place.

What Makes Us Different

Oak Bay Biosciences' "Lead Molecule" has shown potential to prevent blindness for Startgardt patients.

The Lead molecule was acquired following 4 years of development work by a world-class team.

Next Steps

Our focus in the next 12 months is to complete a pivotal preclinical data package, which is centred around two key activities: validation of the Lead molecule being effective in animals suffering from Stargardt followed by validation of the Lead Molecule being effective in human patient donor via Stargardt serum.


Stargardt Disease

Healthy retina vs. Stargardt disease retina

Vision loss has a significant impact on the lives of those who experience it as well as on their families, their friends, and society. The total economic burden of eye disorders and vision loss in the United States in 2013 is $139 billion. This cost includes loss of well being, productivity loss, healthcare costs, and other costs.

There is a serious impact on the visually impaired person and their family including physical, social, and mental challenges for life​​.

Mutations in parent genes that are passed down to child is the most common cause of Stargardt disease. The process triggers inappropriate activation of a component of the immune system called "Complement" which eventually kills the cells of the macula -- a small area in the center of the retina that is responsible for sharp, straight-ahead vision. Devastatingly, no more of these cells can be made once they have died and the progressively growing area of dead retina creates the associated blind spot.